Bonnie returns to Australia from England after the death of her husband.  She meets up with two old school friends she hasn’t seen for decades. Fran is a food writer, struggling with her work, her financial security and her appearance.  Sylvia is trapped in a loveless marriage to a minister who has an affair and gives Sylvia the out she needs.

While each of the ladies are at their own loose ends they rebuild their friendship and with it a business that each of them can contribute to successfully.  Along the way they also meet challenges within themselves and their families that only add to their changing dimensions.

Whilst these ladies are in their fifties, I think anyone who has ever been challenged in their lives, and who hasn’t, will be able to sympathise with these ladies.

A lovely read that takes you along for the ride. Enjoy!!

Liz Byrski has also written Gang of Four and Belly Dancing for Beginners also well written books that are an enjoyable read.  All based on middle aged women finding themselves – either in small or big ways.