Beyond our backyard… tales of our travels…

We’re back. After eight weeks of living out of a suitcase and sleeping somewhere different almost every night I was happy to be home to see my children and relatives, wear some different clothes, sleep in my own bed and have a home cooked meal. 

Our fabulous trip began in Singapore where we spent three busy days and four nights. Our first glimpse from the plane window was of a beautiful lush, green island. The weather was perfect; the little rain there was didn’t worry us as we sheltered in Raffles Hotel and sampled some of their famous refreshments. Did you know that it is tradition for the shells from the complementary peanuts to be brushed onto the floor and not cleaned away until the end of the day? We rode in a cable car from the fifteenth floor of a building across a channel to Sarasota Island and saw the pink dolphins.  Our day trip to Malaysia took us to some batik cottage industries in Johor. The skill of the artists is amazing. I bought a beautiful batik painting to frame. Some evenings were spent in Orchard Road as our hotel was in easy walking distance. But we also discovered and fell in love with Chinatown and Little India where we sampled beautiful food, wandered through markets and explored little shops. Singapore’s gardens are really magnificent, so well kept with colourful flowers and beautiful shrubs and trees.    


Those Faraday Girls

by Monica McInerney


The narrative follows the lives of five sisters, their father and niece across four different countries. The characters all have an individual voice and provide the reader with their own personal narrative and story of events. It covers a time period of around 30 years and provides a historical view of the family unit and happenings. It also provides an insight into the very personal memories of their deceased mother and further, the mother’s own story emerges through her diaries.

The majority of the novel is based in Tasmania where the family lived for most of their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and found each character and the story line compelling.

I would definitely recommend the book to students in year 9+.

The book is sold under the title ‘The Faraday Girls’ in USA.