Live link to Antarctica

As I am blogging today we have all students in the school spread across five classrooms as well as the library participating in a live classroom link up with Jean Pennycook, teacher and author in Antarctica. The live classroom is also active in Perth, Aust. with Geoff and is hosted by Lorraine at Jackson School in USA. It doesn’t stop there, we are live with Rob at Adelaide Uni, Vinny in Taiwan, Gabrielle in Argentina and Lorraine, Alfred and Breanna in Boston USA. Some of these participants are in their workplace or school, others are in their own homes. This is an amazing activity with students and teachers totally captivated with the information Jean is providing. The students have so many questions about the penguins Jean is researching as well as Antarctica. They have been online for almost an hour and there are still so many questions still being asked. Check out Jean’s web site