About our Library

Hawkesdale P12 College Library is situated in a central position as a stand alone facility adjacent to the main school building and technology wing.  It is a well resourced learning and information resource centre facilitating professional information services to the school and wider local community. As well as providing services for our students, staff and parents, in July 2007 the college in conjunction with Moyne Shire entered into an agreement that offers regular community access to our library.  

The library offers a wide range of professional library services that include:
·       fiction, non-fiction, large print, audio and books
·       reference collection: encyclopaedias, atlases, dictionaries in addition to specialised subject items
·       cd-roms, videos and dvds that support teaching curriculum
·       internet / computer access (9 work stations)
·       daily newspapers
·       periodicals for recreational reading
·       facsimile and photocopying services
·       electronic Smartboard
·       wide range of audio visual equipment for staff and student use
·       professional information services provided by qualified Librarian
·       affiliated with the School Library Association of Victoria and State Library of Victoria
·       Inter Library Loan service through Corangamite Regional Library
·       availability of facility to community user groups beyond school hours

Meet the Librarian

Is red my colour?  warholizer1.jpg 

Yes, this is me after manipulating a photo in Flickr Toys http://www.bighugelabs.com/flickr/ I selected the warholizer style and created a poster, saved it and then cropped a section out to create this single image.  

I am Faye Matters, Librarian and Information Resource Manager at Hawkesdale P12 College. I have worked at the school since 1992 starting in the office as a clerical assistant. Wow, how things have changed since then. I have completed Diploma in Library and Information Studies and a Degree, BA Library and Information Science. In my opinion this is really a fantastic time to be working in libraries. Technology has brought about so much change, yet we still find a balance with traditional resources and the new initiatives. I was fortunate to be the recipient of the 2007 SLAV Innovators Grant of which I am very proud, see my blog story below…

My story of Blogging at Hawkesdale P12 as presented to a SLAV Conference March 3 2008, with additions.

Welcome to our session and our blogging story.

Faye Matters, Librarian: discussing how blogging began at HP12C

Anne Mirtschin, ICT innovator and teacher: how to make blogs and blog

I am going to present a narrative on how blogging began at Hawkesdale and how it has grown to a point today, where we can see no end to opportunities. My journey began at our local SLAV library network meeting at a college library in Warrnambool, where I was fortunate enough to hear Heather Blakey’s presentation on blogs and the possibilities it could have for our students and classrooms. For those who may not be familiar with Heather’s name she is the Administrator of Global teacher and Global student projects for Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.Heather’s growing work and networks can be viewed at http://global2.vic.edu.au/

I found that initial presentation of Heather’s very thought provoking. And as I usually come back to school from our local SLAV meetings with ideas I have gained from others that I’m sure could be easily incorporated into our school library or class activities, I began speaking with several people about Heather and her Global teacher/student visions.  It was decided that I contacted Heather to see if she would be interested in conducting Professional Development sessions for staff and students in years 5-9.  A proposal was put together and presented to our leadership team which they agreed to.

At the beginning of August, Heather and storyteller Cora Zon visited our school in a whirlwind and conducted four fabulous PD sessions to staff and students in years 5-9.Their sessions introduced the larger percentage of both staff and students to the world of blogs and web 2.0. There were only a handful of staff that had blogs of their own, were familiar with the terminology, or knew anything about them or web 2.0. Many did not know what a blog was let alone that web 2.0 existed and would be any different to the World Wide Web that we know and love.

So our journey began in the PD sessions that spanned an afternoon, an after school session for staff and the following day which incorporated an afternoon workshop/art class where our year 5s participated in a collaborative project lead by their classroom teacher. This class produced a collage of the Magical Garden which then appeared overnight on the Magical Technological Garden web site.

From that point in time our lives have never been the same. Heather introduced us to the concept of using blogs as a new tool to publish children’s literary and art works and the ideas have just grown from there with additions of digital stories, voice threads, slide shares, vodcasts and podcasts. I know this may all sound daunting and no doubt it is time consuming. But with kids to produce the content and teachers to set the ideas in motion, drive the direction and administrate, we haven’t really had time to stop.

Elearning as you know is never ending and we are lucky enough at Hawkesdale P12 to have teachers like Anne in the IT area, Jess our Lote teacher, a supportive leadership team and many others who will jump onboard, have a go and run with ideas. This is what Anne has called very appropriately our ejourney which is never ending.  We have our personal ejourneys and our school ejourney which encompasses it all as a whole.

Our Own Backyard is one of Anne’s babies. During term 4 last year (2007) Anne lead our year 6 students along with their teacher and others to create ‘Our Own Backyard’ Blog which has continued to gown from its beginnings in August 2007. http://backyard.globalstudent.org.au/ 

There have been many contributors to this blog which Anne administers. This year students from year 4 upwards have their own globalstudent blog which they are responsible for and if you have a look at Heather’s globalteacher blog at present there are several posts from Anne and one from Denise our art teacher, with tips and tutorials on how to refine your technology skills as well as tips on cyber safety. I have begun a global teacher blog called technobooks. It is a bit of a slow mover. It has book reviews, Premier’s Reading Challenge happenings at our school as well as other library events and goings on.  I have just revamped my global student blog to launch the premier’s reading challenge at the school. One of the barriers I have found is that I have no direct class contact other than their library session with students and this has proved a weak link for me because I don’t receive that direct feedback and material from the kids to use in my blogs. I am trying several ways to get around that now so hopefully my blogs will continue to grow a little more rapidly.

It seems that almost each week we are presented or come across some sort of new technology. We can their embrace it and use it or loose the chance and it will pass us by. I hope our elearning story and insight into our ejourney will inspire you to have a go at blogging. It is really fun.

I am currently undertaking a twelve week online ‘Learning with 2.0 Program’ produced by SLAV in conjunction with Yarra Plenty Regional Libraries. I have found that my blog is beginning to look better. I am putting a lot more into content and the inclusion of a range of links. I want to direct my blog toward our library users so the content and themes of this blog reflect what is happening in and around the library as well as providing information and links I believe will be useful for our clientele. 

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