2016 BOOKLISTS for all year levels are listed below.

Click on the year level required, print the booklist. Complete your booklist order by placing a tick in the box beside the items that are required. The list should then be to be taken to Warrnambool Books, our booklist supplier for filling of order.

HAWCOL-VCE     HAWCOL-10     HAWCOL-09     HAWCOL-08     HAWCOL-07

HAWCOL-06    HAWCOL-05     HAWCOL-04     HAWCOL-03     HAWCOL-02     HAWCOL-01     HAWCOL-F

Students enroled in Foundation, Year One and Year Two are supplied with classroom comsumberables through bulk a supply order at the beginning of each year. This is a provision within the Essential Items component of their individual booklist.


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