Some new additions to the book shelves…

Picture Books

The three billy goats Gruff : Retold by Magee, Wes ; Burnett, Julian

The three little pigs : Retold by Walter, Anne ; Postgate, Daniel

How to lose all your friends : Carlson, Nancy

King of the playground : Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds ; Malone, Nola Langner

The recess Queen : O’Neill, Alexis ; Huliska-Beith, Laura

We honestly can look after your dog : Child, Lauren

My wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out : Child, Lauren ; Hall, Samantha

My mother’s eyes : the story of a boy soldier : Wilson, Mark

The terrible plop : Dubosarsky, Ursula ; Joyner, Andrew

The smallest bilby and the Easter games : Hilton, Nette ; Whatley, Bruce

The firefighters : Whiting, Sue ; Rawlins, Donna

Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea : Fox, Lee ; Vane, Mitch

My footy scrapbook : Sanders, Jay

A child’s garden : Foreman, Michael, Alexis ; Huliska-Beith, Laura

Junior Fiction

The adventures of Nanny Piggins : Spratt, R.A.

Darius Bell and the glitter pool : Hirsch, Odo

The remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen : Abela, Deborah

A certain music : Walters, Celeste ; Spudvilas, Anne

The land of Kur : Morgan, Sally

100 Years Young

My gorgeous Auntie Daph celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday 10th November, 2008. Family, relatives and friends joined Daph the Saturday before the big day for a great afternoon of celebration.

Can you imagine the events in history someone who is 100 years old would have witnessed?  Daph would have been 10 when the Great War ended and in her twenties during the depression years. She mentioned in her birthday speech that ‘the family never went without food during those times because they lived on a farm’.  Daph would have been in her thirties at the end of World War II. All of this happened before she was 40. How many changes of government and new prime ministers would there have been in Australia during that time? She would have also seen three British Commonwealth Kings and one Queen; King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Daph is a fantastic Aunt to our families and sister and friend to my mum. She’s a fun loving person who has lived her 100 years fully. On her eightieth birthday she had a ride in a hot air balloon and to celebrate her ninetieth she was treated to a helicopter ride. She really wanted to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle on her 100th but unfortunately she is now a little frail for that.

Here’s cheers to a fanatic person, Daph, 100 years young.

Beyond our backyard… tales of our travels…

We’re back. After eight weeks of living out of a suitcase and sleeping somewhere different almost every night I was happy to be home to see my children and relatives, wear some different clothes, sleep in my own bed and have a home cooked meal. 

Our fabulous trip began in Singapore where we spent three busy days and four nights. Our first glimpse from the plane window was of a beautiful lush, green island. The weather was perfect; the little rain there was didn’t worry us as we sheltered in Raffles Hotel and sampled some of their famous refreshments. Did you know that it is tradition for the shells from the complementary peanuts to be brushed onto the floor and not cleaned away until the end of the day? We rode in a cable car from the fifteenth floor of a building across a channel to Sarasota Island and saw the pink dolphins.  Our day trip to Malaysia took us to some batik cottage industries in Johor. The skill of the artists is amazing. I bought a beautiful batik painting to frame. Some evenings were spent in Orchard Road as our hotel was in easy walking distance. But we also discovered and fell in love with Chinatown and Little India where we sampled beautiful food, wandered through markets and explored little shops. Singapore’s gardens are really magnificent, so well kept with colourful flowers and beautiful shrubs and trees.    



Bonnie returns to Australia from England after the death of her husband.  She meets up with two old school friends she hasn’t seen for decades. Fran is a food writer, struggling with her work, her financial security and her appearance.  Sylvia is trapped in a loveless marriage to a minister who has an affair and gives Sylvia the out she needs.

While each of the ladies are at their own loose ends they rebuild their friendship and with it a business that each of them can contribute to successfully.  Along the way they also meet challenges within themselves and their families that only add to their changing dimensions.

Whilst these ladies are in their fifties, I think anyone who has ever been challenged in their lives, and who hasn’t, will be able to sympathise with these ladies.

A lovely read that takes you along for the ride. Enjoy!!

Liz Byrski has also written Gang of Four and Belly Dancing for Beginners also well written books that are an enjoyable read.  All based on middle aged women finding themselves – either in small or big ways.


This is one of the best books I’ve read recently! It’s the story of Charlie, a teenage girl who thinks she doesn’t fit in anywhere, running from her memories and chasing a future. Her Mum and Gran have both died, Grandpa isn’t coping and Charlie’s Dad is on a different planet. When they go for their usual summer visit to Grandpa’s shop in the country Charlie’s life has an unexpected change.



An excellent story for readers aged between year 5 and year 8. It is a story about 3 kids who are left behind while their parents go to
Paris to “find romance”. Aunt Marsha comes to look after them and even the parents are a little reluctant given aunt Marsha’s cold and hard personality. The kids have to eat kidney pie, cabbage and drink grapefruit juice. They have to go to bed at 7.00pm, be home straight after school and Aiden is banned from reading his comics. The kids resent Aunt Marsha and are frightened of her. They are counting down the days till their parents return and are united in their common hatred of the mean Aunt Marsha. That is of course, until a shared moment of fear, forges a bond between the 4, that is unbreakable and they end up becoming best of friends. A really good read.