New Junior Fiction – February

New series

Jinny had wanted a guinea pig for ages…. Cooper is a guinea pig who is obsessed with junk food and tells tall tales. Will he be the perfect pet?

Remote Rescue

An outback adventure.

Diary of a Tennis Prodigy

Marcus is an ordinary boy. His Dad wants him to play tennis. Marcus isn’t very good at tennis or any sport really. Find out how he gets on…

Squishy Taylor

Your’re going to love Squishy Taylor, she is brave, gets herself into all sorts of trouble, is a dare-devil ninja and solves all sorts of mysteries.

Barney and the secret of the whales

It’s 1791 and a boy on a whaling ship wants to make his fortune. Another great read from Jackie French.

Iris and the Tiger

Iris is 12 years old and is sent to Spain to visit her unusual, wealthy aunt in Spain.


New Books In The Library…

During February and continuing in March you will see many new books on the library shelves. These range across all areas, picture story, junior fiction, teenage fiction and general fiction. Our order from World Book has just arrived as well so keep an eye out in the non-fiction and reference areas for new titles there as well.  

Teachers, Lamont Standing Orders have supplied great teaching notes for the titles received in February and March. These are available on request from the library. Check out Lamont SO titles on their web site 

A full list of new titles and other additions to the library collection will be available shortly….

Some new additions to the book shelves…

Picture Books

The three billy goats Gruff : Retold by Magee, Wes ; Burnett, Julian

The three little pigs : Retold by Walter, Anne ; Postgate, Daniel

How to lose all your friends : Carlson, Nancy

King of the playground : Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds ; Malone, Nola Langner

The recess Queen : O’Neill, Alexis ; Huliska-Beith, Laura

We honestly can look after your dog : Child, Lauren

My wobbly tooth must not ever never fall out : Child, Lauren ; Hall, Samantha

My mother’s eyes : the story of a boy soldier : Wilson, Mark

The terrible plop : Dubosarsky, Ursula ; Joyner, Andrew

The smallest bilby and the Easter games : Hilton, Nette ; Whatley, Bruce

The firefighters : Whiting, Sue ; Rawlins, Donna

Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea : Fox, Lee ; Vane, Mitch

My footy scrapbook : Sanders, Jay

A child’s garden : Foreman, Michael, Alexis ; Huliska-Beith, Laura

Junior Fiction

The adventures of Nanny Piggins : Spratt, R.A.

Darius Bell and the glitter pool : Hirsch, Odo

The remarkable secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen : Abela, Deborah

A certain music : Walters, Celeste ; Spudvilas, Anne

The land of Kur : Morgan, Sally


An excellent story for readers aged between year 5 and year 8. It is a story about 3 kids who are left behind while their parents go to
Paris to “find romance”. Aunt Marsha comes to look after them and even the parents are a little reluctant given aunt Marsha’s cold and hard personality. The kids have to eat kidney pie, cabbage and drink grapefruit juice. They have to go to bed at 7.00pm, be home straight after school and Aiden is banned from reading his comics. The kids resent Aunt Marsha and are frightened of her. They are counting down the days till their parents return and are united in their common hatred of the mean Aunt Marsha. That is of course, until a shared moment of fear, forges a bond between the 4, that is unbreakable and they end up becoming best of friends. A really good read.