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100 Years Young

My gorgeous Auntie Daph celebrated her 100th birthday on Monday 10th November, 2008. Family, relatives and friends joined Daph the Saturday before the big day for a great afternoon of celebration.

Can you imagine the events in history someone who is 100 years old would have witnessed?  Daph would have been 10 when the Great War ended and in her twenties during the depression years. She mentioned in her birthday speech that ‘the family never went without food during those times because they lived on a farm’.  Daph would have been in her thirties at the end of World War II. All of this happened before she was 40. How many changes of government and new prime ministers would there have been in Australia during that time? She would have also seen three British Commonwealth Kings and one Queen; King George V, King Edward VIII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II.

Daph is a fantastic Aunt to our families and sister and friend to my mum. She’s a fun loving person who has lived her 100 years fully. On her eightieth birthday she had a ride in a hot air balloon and to celebrate her ninetieth she was treated to a helicopter ride. She really wanted to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle on her 100th but unfortunately she is now a little frail for that.

Here’s cheers to a fanatic person, Daph, 100 years young.

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