New Books In The Library…

During February and continuing in March you will see many new books on the library shelves. These range across all areas, picture story, junior fiction, teenage fiction and general fiction. Our order from World Book has just arrived as well so keep an eye out in the non-fiction and reference areas for new titles there as well.  

Teachers, Lamont Standing Orders have supplied great teaching notes for the titles received in February and March. These are available on request from the library. Check out Lamont SO titles on their web site 

A full list of new titles and other additions to the library collection will be available shortly….

Those Faraday Girls

by Monica McInerney


The narrative follows the lives of five sisters, their father and niece across four different countries. The characters all have an individual voice and provide the reader with their own personal narrative and story of events. It covers a time period of around 30 years and provides a historical view of the family unit and happenings. It also provides an insight into the very personal memories of their deceased mother and further, the mother’s own story emerges through her diaries.

The majority of the novel is based in Tasmania where the family lived for most of their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and found each character and the story line compelling.

I would definitely recommend the book to students in year 9+.

The book is sold under the title ‘The Faraday Girls’ in USA.


Author: James Roy                                                         town.jpg

Town is a compilation of stories following thirteen young adults living in a small unnamed Australian town.  It was a fantastic book filled with sadness and humour. It was definitely better than I expected. Kara, Yr.10


This is one of the best books I’ve read recently! It’s the story of Charlie, a teenage girl who thinks she doesn’t fit in anywhere, running from her memories and chasing a future. Her Mum and Gran have both died, Grandpa isn’t coping and Charlie’s Dad is on a different planet. When they go for their usual summer visit to Grandpa’s shop in the country Charlie’s life has an unexpected change.