BTN – Web site of the week

Behind the News is the featured web site this week. An ABC program specifically aimed at school children and teachers featuring top current news items of the week. This website is updated weekly with the new edition of BTN. Watch the full program online or the particular story that takes your interest. There are also lots of resources and fun things to do for both students and teachers. Program archives go back to 2005, so it’s a good place to search for information on topical issues. Not to mention links to BTN Specials. Check it out…


BOOLIFY – Web site of the week

Having trouble locating what you want on the internet? Try using Boolify to help with your www searches. For the link look to the right side menu bar in A… SEARCH and click on Boolify. It’s really easy to use, refine your search strategy by using Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.  Did you know you can also use these in a normal Google search as well  – but make sure they are in capital letters, the rest should be lower case.

How to use Boolify – Drag a green piece onto the board to begin. Drag a Boolean operator piece (AND, OR, NOT) to help expand or narrow your search. Continue adding a green piece followed by a Boolean piece until you are satisfied with your result. Messed it up and want to start again? Just click on the X in the orange box at the right of the board.